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Who We Are

RG Freight Recruitment is a Manchester based Freight and Logistics recruitment company.
We specialise in sourcing and placing the top freight and logistics professionals across the country.
Our primary focuses are freight, logistics, customs, transport and warehousing.

Our Story

After 12 years in freight and logistics recruitment and working with some of the most successful names in the industry, Ryan Gale decided to use that experience and knowledge to set up a different type of recruitment company.

He envisioned a small but dedicated team of recruiters with the latest tech at their fingertips to enable a more efficient and targeted recruitment strategy. The idea was to provide this team with the right technology, automation, ethos and leadership to rival the larger recruitment companies while keeping the 'family' values intact and providing a truly personal service.

This vision resulted in the formation of RG Freight Recruitment.

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How We Operate

We have had great success using two key methods of recruitment practice.

Client led - This is standard recruitment practice. A client will provide us with a job spec and we will use our database, sourcing tools and networks to find the most suitable candidates. Once we have pre-screened these candidates and put together a shortlist, the client will then decide which candidates they would like to interview. We support the client fully throughout this process providing feedback, input and support where required.

Candidate Led - We want to speak to every freight and logistics professional in the UK! We have an in depth discussion with the new candidate around their skillset, what they are looking for and the type of company they want to work for. Once we have gathered the required information, we select the most appropriate clients we represent and send a short and anonymous synopsis of the candidate. This helps to put the candidate in front of a wider range of companies as well as providing clients with options they may not have been aware they needed.

The values and beliefs that make RG Freight Recruitment different

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    We believe in the team. A small team of dedicated Recruiters can achieve amazing things when presented with the right tools, leadership and goals.

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    Why do something technology can do for you? We in believe freeing up Recruiters to concentrate on the human side of recruitment and giving them the time to focus on candidates and clients

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    Honesty and setting expectations are at the forefront of all that we do. We won't promise you the world and not deliver. We will tell you exactly what we can do and deliver that!

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    All candidates and clients are treated equally regardless of size or name. We believe in a level playing field across the board